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A private course of a minimum of 4 hrs on your own vessel.

Course offered in your area, during the week or weekend in the day or evening. 


This course is approved by marine insurance companies. (Upon completing this couse, you can obtain up to 10% reduction on your insurance premium. Moreover, new boat owners will obtain an exoneration of the first time boat owner premium).




  • New boat owners
  • Seasoned owners who wish to enhance their skills
  • Boaters moving up to larger vessels
  • Crew members


Buying a boat represents a big investment. Whether you are a new or current boat owner or that your are moving up to a larger vessel, everyone has advantage in taking this course. Too often new as well as seasoned boaters just didn’t take the time to learn proper handling techniques. With this course, you are going to learn new skills and improve your confidence whatever your current level of knowledge. Therefore, this will help you avoid causing damages to your boat and to others as well as obtaining a reduction on your insurance premium that will pay the cost of this course within just a few years. This course is approved and even encouraged by marine insurance companies as well.


Course content:


  • Safety equipment necessary on board your boat.
  • Boat maintenance and how to properly maintain it.
  • Engine maintenance, plumbing system, 12V appliances, electric panel, and helm.
  • Knots, lines and fenders.
  • Learn appropriate knots, spring lines and prepare them for docking.
  • Handling techniques.
  • Throttle controls, rudder angles and gear shift positions.
  • Turning techniques.
  • Understanding the pivot point and keeping our position without deviation.
  • Docking approaches on both port and starboard sides bow first and then stern.
  • Learn cruising speed by using trim tabs and gauges and how to negotiate waves.
  • Techniques to avoid obstacles.
  • Anchoring techniques.




  • Proceed through a fuelling
  • Proceed through a pump-out
  • Proceed through the lock system
  • Launching a boat in and out of the water with trailer if applicable.


At the end of the course, obtain a complete evaluation along with a certificate that you present to your insurance company in order to obtain a rebate on your premium.




  • Please contact us for prices