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A private course of a minimum of 4 hours on your own vessel.


Course offered in your area, during the week or weekend in the day or evening.


  • Course for all models of GPS.
  • No knowledge necessary for this course.
  • Course for marine or land use for business people, boaters, fishermen, hunters, campers, or nature lovers.


Course Content:


  • 3 hours of theory and 1 hour of practice on your boat.
  • Functioning of the GPS.
  • Overview of map reading and notions (marine and land maps).
  • Study the different menus of the GPS.
  • Locate position on a map from coordinates of a GPS.
  • Learn to prepare routes for the GPS.
  • Navigating with the aid of the GPS.
  • Using the GPS with the aid of a PC.
  • Advice on selecting a GPS and its installation.
  • 1 hour of practice at the end of the course to apply the notions of the GPS learned on your boat or car.


The course is adapted to your needs, your GPS and cards used.




  • Please contact us for prices